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NTRSPCTV para flauta
28 abril, 2020
Murmullo en el ocaso, estreno mundial
27 marzo, 2021

El yeite, a new score for mixed ensemble (flute, clarinet, bassoon, 2 perc., piano, violin, cello, bass) has already been published by Cayambis Music Press – Latin American Classical Sheet Edition! The word “yeite” is commonly used in Lunfardo as a reference to a proven technical resource, along the lines of a trick or knack, that makes it possible achieve an objective. 

Composed in 2020, this work takes up this idea to achieve a tango-like piece, with considerable movement and length, in which its vigorous and dance-able character nevertheless lacks the characteristically slow cantabile contrast imposed by Piazzolla. In addition, the rhythmic factor plays an important role by the way in which the syncopated style of the tango intermingles with jazz patterns of accentuation on the second and fourth beats of simple quadruple measures. At the same time, the interruption of ternary and other measures, added to changing accents, are elements that partially evade the sensation of a constant four-beat pulse. All of these musical objects coexist throughout the piece, in such a way that the listener will perceive rhythms, melodies and textures that are constantly being reinvented within a context of continuous transformation. In so doing, it will be a musical “yeite” that entertains with 21st century sonorities.