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Mexica otlatocaliztli (2022)
1 noviembre, 2022
D´addario summer camp 2023
19 enero, 2023

Coyolyantototl, a new score for solo flute, double pre -Hispanic clay flute and recitation in Nahuatl (on performer) has already been published by Cayambis Music Press – Latin American Classical Sheet Edition!

The three-movement work explores the combination of timbre and other performative interrelations that occur between a modern traverse flute and the soundscape that comes from the Mexica culture of the Aztecs, through recitations in Nahautl and a replica of a double pre-Hispanic clay flute.

This piece is part of Núñez's Mexican trilogy for unaccompanied flute that is dedicated to flutist Ana Ligia Mastruzzo.

The publication includes the double pre -Hispanic clay flute.

Link Cayambis Music Press: