A new score is avaiable!

Inicio clases de guitarra en la Académia D´addario 2023
13 marzo, 2023
2° master class D´addario 2023!
26 junio, 2023

Amta, a new score for oboe, clarinet and basson has already been published by Cayambis Music Press – Latin American Classical Sheet Edition!

In three movements, this work imaginatively reflects the carnival festival of the Aymará community of the Andes. Its title means “memory” in English, and symbolizes the community’s efforts to maintain their ancestral traditions. The slow first movement, titled “Kkalltaña,” introduces the celebration; the second, "Ch‘alla,” represents the festival of Pachamama; and the last, “Aukka,” the title of which literally means devil, represents the end of the celebration and the burial of the devil and his evil.